Photobooth Hire in Melbourne

Customer Experience

Our Friendly attendant will ensure your guests have the best possible ‘booth’ experience

Extensive Prop Box

Age and theme appropriate prop box’s ensure that your unique event has the perfectly appropriate or “inappropriate” prop box!


Video Messaging

State of the art video messaging integration allows your guests to leave a personalised gift – in most cases they are hilariously funny for you to watch after your event.

Interactive External Screen

Allowing your guests to see all the crazy strips taken during the event, they can request reprints and access digital copies easily from our portal.

Professional Camera

With a premium SLR Professional Camera this ensures the best quality for your photos

Fits upto 15 People

Our booths can cater for upto 15 of your guests at once. With the ability to reprint for everyone in the booth at once.

Flower Wall Backdrop

Our new flowerwall backdrop is the perfect set to bring femininity to your next event. From baby showers, first birthdays, Spring Racing Carnival to beautiful weddings the flower wall is the perfect addition.

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